Episode 37 – Jessabelle

Wheelchairs! Bathtub Ghosts! Tarot cards! Voodoo! Reno 911!

We’re back, talking about 2014’s Jessabelle. Ashlee and I also settled on Wednesdays as our official recording day, which is going to make it a lot easier to fit the show into the rest of our schedules.

Next week’s movie is Martyrs (2015).

And as we mentioned on the show, we lost a friend of the show – Dustin Pace, aka duddyinmotion. He was a sweet guy and a wonderful artist who was beloved in the horror community. Please consider contributing to the memorial fund to help his wife Tiffany.


Episode 36 – The Belko Experiment

I saw The Belko Experiment while it was in theaters because I had lots of time after being laid off. Ashlee didn’t have a chance to see it until it hit VOD. I really dug this one. It’s cathartic, and has James Gunn’s brand of humor I’ve always loved. In my opinion, it nails office culture better than Office Space.

Podcaster pro tip: Don’t stick a microphone in your wife’s face when everyone is ready for bed. We are both tired, but it’s still a pretty fun episode. We’ll figure out a real schedule for this show eventually. No promises.

We had two great horror movies in a row with Get Out and Split, but it’s been all over the place since. Ashlee’s craving some old school Blumhouse, so if you want to read ahead, our next episode is Jessabelle. I just picked up the Blu-ray.

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Episode 34 – The Boy Next Door

We’re back with one of the worst movies we’ve watched for this podcast. The trailers we watched during American Idol looked awesome, but now that we’ve finally watched The Boy Next Door…yeesh.

Note: I mistake The Odyssey for The Iliad. My bad. We watched this movie weeks before recording. But my comments still stand. I say the more grievous error is this movie mistaking he Iliad for something that can be bought in a bargain bin as a first edition for $1.

The best thing that came out of watching this movie was falling down a rabbit hole of suggested YouTube videos where we learn that people redo trailers by mixing the trailer audio with Disney and Vampire Diaries character footage.



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Episode 31 – Split

We’re releasing this episode while snow is on the ground in late March, but we talk about how nice it is in February. So…we’ve sat on this one for a while.

Ashlee and David talk about being respectful and pronouncing M. Night Shyamalan’s name properly, the movie’s connection to Shyamalan’s other work, and how David relates to the mental health issues presented in Split. This episode gets a little personal, but that’s the point of a podcast hosted by a married couple, right?


Episode 30 – Get Out

Ashlee and I give our unqualified opinion on race relations for our return from hiatus. We watched Get Out (and with the money it made opening weekend, you probably did too!). This is one of the most important movies Blumhouse has made, so it’s a good thing it’s also one of the best movies they’ve ever made.


Episode 29 – Viral

After The Purge became real life, Ashlee and I took a break with the family film Tooth Fairy, but that didn’t make us feel any better! Now we’re diving back into the scary movies in Blumhouse’s catalog with Viral.


Episode 28 – Tooth Fairy



The film that convinced Jason Blum multimillion dollar blockbusters might not be his path. Tooth Fairy, starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Ashlee didn’t realize she signed up for this when she said she wanted to watch every Blumhouse Productions film.