Episode 31 – Split

We’re releasing this episode while snow is on the ground in late March, but we talk about how nice it is in February. So…we’ve sat on this one for a while.

Ashlee and David talk about being respectful and pronouncing M. Night Shyamalan’s name properly, the movie’s connection to Shyamalan’s other work, and how David relates to the mental health issues presented in Split. This episode gets a little personal, but that’s the point of a podcast hosted by a married couple, right?


Episode 30 – Get Out

Ashlee and I give our unqualified opinion on race relations for our return from hiatus. We watched Get Out (and with the money it made opening weekend, you probably did too!). This is one of the most important movies Blumhouse has made, so it’s a good thing it’s also one of the best movies they’ve ever made.


Episode 29 – Viral

After The Purge became real life, Ashlee and I took a break with the family film Tooth Fairy, but that didn’t make us feel any better! Now we’re diving back into the scary movies in Blumhouse’s catalog with Viral.


Episode 28 – Tooth Fairy



The film that convinced Jason Blum multimillion dollar blockbusters might not be his path. Tooth Fairy, starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Ashlee didn’t realize she signed up for this when she said she wanted to watch every Blumhouse Productions film.


Episode 27 – The Purge


A highly political episode for a politically charged movie. Ashlee and I are still stunned from the results of the election. The Purge will likely never come to pass in the real world, but it’s still scary. Please don’t yell at us on Twitter — this show is about our thoughts and feelings, and we don’t really know anything.


Episode 26 – Hellevator


Happy Halloween, dear listeners! I hope you’ve been binging Hellevator on Netflix because Ashlee and I talk about the show after watching the season 2 premiere. Would you trust your friends to help you win a game show from Hell? Ashlee wouldn’t either…


Episode 25 – Ouija: Origin of Evil

ouija2Ashlee and I talk about Ouija: Origin of Evil, which was excellent and released this weekend. Go see it for Halloween! Ashlee’s goes crazy and suggests it’s as good as The Conjuring. The scary thing is…she might actually be right! (It’s so good, guys.)


Episode 24 – The Jinx


Our first non-movie episode. We discuss HBO’s shocking documentary series The Jinx. It might not be a horror film, but I’ve never seen Ashlee more scared than she was watching the last episode of this series.


Episode 23 – Curve


We watched Curve! David makes bad jokes and is obsessed with Julianne Hough’s dancing in a movie without any dancing. Ashlee makes a shocking announcement. (She doesn’t use Dysh anymore).