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Episode 50 – Amityville: The Awakening

We’ve made it to episode 50! What a milestone. Ashlee thinks we should be well past 50 by now, while I’m surprised we even got this far.

When we began the podcast, Blumhouse Productions wasn’t even a household name yet. It didn’t seem daunting at all to watch all of their movies because until we started the show, Blumhouse only released a handful of movies every year. This year, there will be a dozen Blumhouse movies released on Hulu alone with theĀ Into the Dark anthology!

So maybe the premise of the show has been slashed to bits at this point, but the goal of the show is right on. I had two objectives in mind when I first hit record:

  1. Learn how to produce a show
  2. Capture silly moments with my wife

I’d say I succeeded, and that just gives us more motivation to keep this experiment going.

The quality of the show has improved immensely since we began. Not only do we have better equipment (I was definitely recording straight onto my laptop for a stretch), but I’ve gotten better at choosing topics and directing the conversation.

I want to thank all our friends and fans who listen to the show. Every time I question whether anyone is listening and whether it’s worth putting this out there, we get another bump in listeners. We’re like Tinkerbell — if you keep clapping, we won’t stay dead.

We might never finish going through Blumhouse’s catalog, but we’ll keep at it as long as you continue to listen and support us.

Thank you, and enjoy episode 50 of A Blumhouse Divided.


David and Ashlee