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Episode 44 – Benji


Today we take little break from haunted houses and slashers and watch Benji (2018). It’s absolutely adorable. When it comes to these family films from Blumhouse, this is the best. Ashlee certainly loved it more than The Tooth Fairy.

I showed Ashlee Halloween, and we chat about it a little on the show. It upholds a grand tradition of me showing Ashlee movies when she’s already about to go to bed, so you can guess how that screening went.

We also watched The First Purge for the Fourth of July! I look forward to talking about it on the show, but for now I’ll say it was awesome and relevant and blunt as a bloody baseball bat with it’s messaging. Honestly, I think we need more movies that can be schlocky and have something to say at the same time. Dumb movies can be smart, and The Purge series is our best modern example of this.