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Episode 43 – Insidious: Chapter 2



Ashlee and David have finished the entire Insidious franchise with Insidious: Chapter 2.

This movie is incredible, and at the time it released, it was one of the movies where we were starting to recognize the Blumhouse Productions logo in front of all these horror movies we loved. It feels good to have finally covered the entire franchise on the show because Insidious is a major factor in why we do the podcast.

Don’t forget to listen to the other episodes for the Insidious series, and reach out on Facebook and Twitter to let us know how our new recording setup sounds. I’m excited to take the show further.


Episode 19 – Stretch


Not every Blumhouse film is horror! This episode we discuss the quirky action comedy Stretch starring my boy, Patrick Wilson. This was a fun movie for me, but not really Ashlee’s thing.

Sometimes her quest to watch every Blumhouse movie works more in my favor than hers.