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Episode 31 – Split

We’re releasing this episode while snow is on the ground in late March, but we talk about how nice it is in February. So…we’ve sat on this one for a while.

Ashlee and David talk about being respectful and pronouncing M. Night Shyamalan’s name properly, the movie’s connection to Shyamalan’s other work, and how David relates to the mental health issues presented in Split. This episode gets a little personal, but that’s the point of a podcast hosted by a married couple, right?


Episode 30 – Get Out

Ashlee and I give our unqualified opinion on race relations for our return from hiatus. We watched Get Out (and with the money it made opening weekend, you probably did too!). This is one of the most important movies Blumhouse has made, so it’s a good thing it’s also one of the best movies they’ve ever made.


Reruns – Episode 8 and 9











Got these episodes up at the wire to have a Friday timestamp!

Unfriended and The Visit. Originally aired September 21, 2015 and October 7, 2015.

Six more reruns to go before the new episodes air. We already have four record. Now I need to edit.