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Reruns – Episode 8 and 9











Got these episodes up at the wire to have a Friday timestamp!

Unfriended and The Visit. Originally aired September 21, 2015 and October 7, 2015.

Six more reruns to go before the new episodes air. We already have four record. Now I need to edit.


Reruns – Episode 4 and 5











A sinister feeling creeps over you…

But don’t worry — it’s just more reruns from last year’s A Blumhouse Divided!

Episode 4 – Creep and Episode 5 – Sinister originally aired August 3rd and 10th of 2015 respectively.


Season 2 Coming Soon!

Season 2 of A Blumhouse Divided is coming soon!

Season 1 vanished because we cheaped out on webhosting. I’d love to get everything back online, but it’s unlikely at this time. Eventually I’ll upgrade the hosting so episodes are up for more than 90 days at a time.

We’ve recorded one episode for The Darkness so far, and this weekend we are watching Hush on Netflix. There are some other movies we’ll try to record episodes over the long weekend. The goal is to have these stockpiled and continue with our biweekly schedule.

The format for Season 2 will basically remain the same as Season 1. Episodes will be 10 to 20 minutes long as David (me!)¬†interviews Ashlee about the latest Blumhouse films we’ve seen. Occasionally I’ll go on a rant and make the show about myself. Just kidding. I try to edit myself out when I steal the spotlight. The show is about us watching movies as a married couple, but I really do want to focus on what Ashlee thinks about the movies. I have Twitter for my bargain bin film theory.

I am also¬†working on a new intro! Ashlee’s tired of me bumbling through every introduction, so we’re going to produce a nice one to use each episode.

Season 1 of A Blumhouse Divided was a lot of fun, and I can’t wait to bring the show back. Thanks for listening!