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Episode 37 – Jessabelle

Wheelchairs! Bathtub Ghosts! Tarot cards! Voodoo! Reno 911!

We’re back, talking about 2014’s Jessabelle. Ashlee and I also settled on Wednesdays as our official recording day, which is going to make it a lot easier to fit the show into the rest of our schedules.

Next week’s movie is Martyrs (2015).

And as we mentioned on the show, we lost a friend of the show – Dustin Pace, aka duddyinmotion. He was a sweet guy and a wonderful artist who was beloved in the horror community. Please consider contributing to the memorial fund to help his wife Tiffany.


Episode 18 – The Veil


We watched The Veil, and we got real confused when ghosts showed up.

We discuss the Swamp Witch Trinity: Lily Rabe, Thomas Jane, and Bray Wyatt.

The Immortal Jessica Alba is in this movie. Forever 27. Always 27.

We just watched a Let’s Play of the Resident Evil 7 demo, and it reminded me of The Veil. Found footage blending two timelines together to piece together the story of a rotting house. Interesting parallel.